Bohemia Quelle.Water of the highest category.

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Bohemia Quelle.Water of the highest category.

Unique and unique natural brackish water. Independent studies confirm unique water qualities.Due to its composition, water with regular use helps to maintain an active life.MORE THAN A MINERALBenefits the body and, thanks to its composition, suitable for daily use.UNLIMITED PURITYMillennial natural water without any special treatment.

If a healthy cell is deprived of its oxygen, then it can become a cancer cell in just two days. ” Otto Heinrich Warburg, Nobel Prize winner for 1931.

The physiological significance of mineral drinking water is primarily based on a combination of two important chemical characteristics of the source, namely, the combination of low salinity with antioxidant properties, determined by the negative redox potential ORP = -206 mV.

Fulvic acid is a natural substance that is produced in the soil by the decomposition of organic matter, which is absorbed by plants and transmitted to people through them. But due to the growing negative impact that the environment is having, this substance is becoming less frequent in vegetables, so its consumption is mainly carried out through nutritional supplements, providing outstanding benefits for physical performance and to prevent diseases.
Fulvic acid properties
Fulvic acid is especially beneficial to protect the cells from oxidation caused by natural toxins. It is also an excellent antioxidant to combat the effects of free radicals, an electrolyte that balances neuronal minerals and an element especially important for the synthesis of DNA and RNA.
In the form of food supplement, fulvic acid is widely used in natural medicine and sports due to its properties to increase energy and decrease the accumulation of lactic acid. In addition, its benefits are highlighted to increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles during exercise and to reduce muscle pain, which results in a marked optimization of sports practices.
 Effects of fulvic acid
 The benefits of fulvic acid, whether consumed as a supplement or applied externally, is linked to the prevention of diseases. While in the case of post viral pictures, fulvic acid itself could prove effective in stopping the reproduction of the virus.
Side effects. Side effects of fulvic acid are not known to be harmful to health.


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