Medical report

Medical report
About the use of the natural source BQ-2, Rogelec-Sodonka, for medicinal purposes.

The Horned man,
Number of land plot 3256/1,
Cadastral territory of Rogelec,
Godonin District, South Moravian Region

Number of territory 2014/02 in

Karlovy Vary
November 2014

1. The introduction

On the basis of the contract with the company “Bohemia Beverage Industry Group, s.r.o.”, the legal address: UL. Janachkova, D. 1, 695 01, Godonna, from 12. 03. 2014, we provide this hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical conclusion about the underground water from the well BQ-2 in Rogetz-Sodonka-in the area, located at a distance of about 6.6 km from the resort in Godonin. Land plot № 3256/1 in the cadastral plot Rogelec is the property of the customer.

In accordance with law № 164/2001 of the Code of laws, the conclusion is made for the process of certification of the artesian well – the well of underground water BQ-2 as a natural healing source.

Medical report on the use of the source BQ-2, Rogetz-Sodonka, compiled on the basis of the following documents:

  • 1. Complex chemical and microbiological analysis, performed by the Analytical Laboratory of Natural medicinal Sources of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, legal address: UL. Zavoni, D. 94, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, from 19.03.2014 G., laboratory protocol of complex analysis № RL 030-14.
  • 2. Study of water use BQ-2 for medicinal purposes-I-th stage was carried out by the chemical faculty of the Technical University of Brno, ul. Purkinova, D. 118, 61200, Brno; Developed by Ph.D., engineer Petr Sedladek, Brno, January 2014.
  • 3. Protocol on testing, held accredited analytical laboratory of LLC “ALS Group Czech Republic, s.r.o.”, legal address: UL. On Garfa, D. 336/9, Prague-9, Vysachany, 19000, Czech Republic; The responsible person of Zdenek Yirzhak; From 07.11.2013 G.; In accordance with notice № 252/2004, with amendments to notice № 187/2005, 293/2006 of the Code of laws.
  • 4. Pilot pilot project on water abstraction, order № 13 21 of September 27, 2013, made by LLC “EKOHYDRO s.r.o.”, legal address: UL. Shkrokhov, D. 41, 61500, Brno.
  • 5. Evaluation of the water abstraction test and design of the protective zone of the water source BQ-2, the task № G-98/2007 from 03/2008 was performed by OOO “SURGEO, S. R. O”. Complex geodetic and geological work, measurement of radon, GIS (Geographic Information System), legal address: UL. Plutsaron, D. 3560/1, 695 Godonna.
  • 6. Protocol on verification of microbiological analysis of drinking water, derived through well BQ-2, № 1404/2014, was performed by OOO “Chemila, Spol. s.r.o.”, legal address: UL. For Dragou, D. 4386/3, 695 01, Godonna, from 14. 07. In 2014,
  • 7. The Protocol on verification of microbiological analysis of drinking water, deduced through well BQ-2, № 1405/2014, is executed by LLC “Chemila, Spol. s.r.o.”, legal address: UL. For Dragou, D. 4386/3, 695 01, Godonna, from 18. 07. In 2014,
  • 8. Laboratory protocol of complex analysis № RL 441-14 BQ-2 is compiled by the Analytical Laboratory of Natural medicinal sources, legal address: UL. Zavoni, D. 94, 36000, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, from 17. 10. In 2014,

The conclusion is based on the preliminary medical opinion from 24. 06. In 2014,

2. The conclusion

Classification of underground water:
Natural, low-mineralized water, hydrocarbonate-calcium-sodium composition, cold, hypotoneral.

Total mineralization is 333 mg/L.

The most important kations in this mineral water are:
Sodium (48.5 mg/l), calcium (18.2 mg/l), potassium (1.2 mg/L), magnesium (9.3 mg/l).

The most important anions of this mineral water are:
Hydrocarbonates (214 mg/L), chlorides (20.6 mg/L), fluorides (0.09 mg/L), bromide (0.098 mg/l), in a small number-iodide (0.117 mg/l).

Of the total low mineralization-333 mg/L-A significant part is metabolized Hydrocarbonate-214 mg/L.

Nedissociirovannyj component of boric acid is 0.851 mg/L, Silicic acid – 16.8 mg/L.

Osmotic pressure-19 Kpa.

In relation to the internal environment mineral water is hypotonic.

Other macro, micro and Ultra trace elements – Lithium, barium, strontium, manganese, chromium, aluminium, barium, copper, uranium, caesium, rubidium, cobalt, cadmium, nickel, zinc, molybdenum – are in the minimum concentrations.

Heavy Metals:

Iron, silver, mercury, tin, lead, vanadium, arsenic, antimony, uranium in the specified mineral water are presented in very insignificant, biologically insignificant concentrations.

Organic matter:

Humic substances in the specified underground water are mainly fulvany acids; Low level of guminization and low content of polar functional groups are determined. The content of humic substances is 1.0 mg/l, which corresponds to the standard for groundwater.

Volatile organic matter, chlorine-organic pesticides, poly chlorinated diphenyl and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are present in insignificant quantities; Found a small amount of fluoraten (0.0012 μg/l) and Pyena (0.0013 μg/l), which corresponds to the sources of the region.

In the specified mineral water The increased quantity of ammonia nitrogen (1.38 mg/l), ammonia and ammonium ions (1.77 mg/L and 1.12 mg/L, 0.95 mg/L, 0.92 mg/l) was found.

The analysis of volatile organic compounds did not identify the components of steam, which could explain the observed weak “oil” smell of water.

Radioactive components:

Presented in insignificant quantities: uranium 0.002 Bq/L, total specific alpha activity 0.09 Bq/L, total specific beta-activity 0.044 Bq/l; respectively – 0.01 BC/L after correlation with potassium content; Radium 226 – 0.02 BK/L.

Content of dissolved acidic gases:

– Free soluble carbon dioxide (<9 mg/L) and sulfate (<0.005) is very low.

Discovered dissolved non-acidic gases are contained in the amount of 23.0 ml/l; More important is methane (16.05 ml/L), others (helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, ethane, ethylene, propane, butane, izobutan)-insignificant.

Organogenic processes in water lead to negative redox potential (-206 Mv), which increases the we grow older antioxidant properties-effective from a therapeutic point of view.

Microbiological parameters:

Microbiological parameters are normal (see Protocols № 6)

3. The use of underground water well BQ-2, Rogelec-Sodonka for medicinal purposes.

Estimated underground water-low mineralized, has a high pH, hypotonic, with very low redox potential, non-gas, cold, with repeated studies with negative microbiological Parameters.

3.1 Internal Balneotherapy

Drinking mode

(a) For patients with functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, with increased secretion of the stomach, functional dysphagia, biliary tract dysfunction and the hypotonia of the bladder.
It is desirable to drink on 200-300 ml for 30-45 minutes before breakfast, lunch and supper.

(b) Due to antioxidant properties and low mineralization, water is suitable for patients with cardio-cardiovascular diseases, compensated by hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus.
It is desirable to drink on 100-200 ml for 30-45 minutes before breakfast, lunch and supper.

Acute inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiac decompensation, uncontrolled hypertension, kidney failure at the stage G3a (value of the SKF 0.75-1.0 ml/s/1,73 m²), nephropathy with impaired filtration function and concentration. Relative contraindications are the states associated with the delay of fluid in the body.

3.2 Outdoor Balneotherapy

Low mineralized water is not gas-polluted. Accordingly, for outdoor balneology water will need to be saturated with carbon dioxide, or to provide bubbles with the help of air, and add plant ingredients.

A) carbonated baths

Mineral water is heated to 30 – 34 ° С; Favorably affects patients with peripheral circulatory disorders; As additional treatment is recommended for patients with hypertensive disease.

Acute dermatological and venous diseases, skin tumors, hypotonia

b) Pearl and flavored baths

After heating up to 30 – 38 ° С It is recommended for rest.

Hypertension, acute dermatologic and venous diseases, skin tumors.

Chief physician, Doctor of Medicine, PhD in medical sciences Ladislav Shushak
Specialist in the field of physical and rehabilitative medicine
Social and useful organization “Balneological Institute of Karlovy Vary O.P.S.”

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Social and useful organization “Balneological Institute of Karlovy Vary O.P.S.”

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