AFP high negative polarity acts as a strong antioxidant!

The properties of natural mineral waters are mainly determined by their composition, i.e. organic and inorganic substances dissolved in these waters.

Equally important are the general physical and chemical properties of water and, in particular, its AFP-redox potential (from English oxidation/reduction potential).

The values of OAT-206 and pH 8.2 of mineral Water “Bohemia Quelle”, which were determined as a result of the analysis, ideally correspond to the values which should have water with regenerative properties, that is – natural antioxidant.

Redox potential is a unit of chemical activity of the elements or their compounds in reversible chemical processes associated with the change in the charge of ions. The value of each redox reaction is expressed in millivolts (MV) and it can have both a positive and a negative value.

Electron activity is the most important characteristic of the internal environment of the organism, because it is directly connected with fundamental processes of life. Almost all biologically important systems that determine the accumulation and consumption of energy, replication and transmission of hereditary traits, all sorts of enzymatic systems of the body, contain molecular structures with different charges.

When ordinary drinking water penetrates the tissues of the human body, it takes away the electrons from the tissue cells, which in 70-80 consist of water. As a result, the body’s biological structures undergo oxidative destruction. Oxidative processes begin to outweigh the processes of oselactization (recovery), defensive forces and functions of vital organs gradually weaken and are deprived of the ability to independent resistance. Thus, the body wears out, ages, and vital organs lose their function. To Slow down the predominance of oxidative processes over the restorative possible with the help of antioxidants.

These negative processes can slow down if the body receives water that has the properties of the internal environment of the body. In order for the organism to use water in the metabolic processes optimally, its oat should correspondto the value of the internal environment of the organism, because in this case the electrical energy of the cell membranes is not spent on correction Activity of water electrons. Water is immediately digested because it has biological compatibility on this parameter.

In addition, if the water has an OVP significantly lowerthan the redox potential of the body’s internal environment, it nourishes the body with the energy used by cells as an energy reserve Antioxidant protection of the body from adverse effects of the external environment.

Water with negative values of AFP and hydrogen indicator (pH) above 7 is sometimes called “LIVE WATER”. Water “Bohemia Quelle” corresponds to both these conditions!

If the internal environment of the human body is in a state of recovery, the OVP is from-100 to-200 MV, And ph is within 7.2-7.4.

Oat conventional drinking water (Tap water, bottled water, etc.), measured in the same way, almost always more than zero and is usually in the range from + 200 to + 300 mv.

These differences in the internal environment of the human body and drinking water mean that the activity of electrons in the internal environment of the human body is much higher than the activity of electrons in drinking water.

Water with a negative value OF AFPis vital for human body cells, because in this case they do not lose much energy to correct the parameters of the consumed water. The closer the water parameters to the corresponding parameters of the body’s internal environment, the easier it is to use this water in metabolic processes.

Scientists say that if the human body is forced to constantly regulate oxidative-regenerative processes, it becomes one of the main causes of disorder of the organism. Therefore it is reasonable to use water with negative redox potential. Especially because such water is also a powerful antioxidant.