Maintaining the pH balance in the body is one of the most important tools for maintaining health!

The Nobel Prize for the year 1931.

In 1931, the German doctor and scientist, Doctor of Medicine Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883 – 1970) received the Nobel Prize for discovering the main cause of cancer. Doctor of Medicine Otto Heinrich Warburg described in detail that cancer is in fact only an external result and an absolutely natural reaction of the body cells of each animal body to the nephrogenological nutrition and, accordingly, to a very unhealthy image Life.

According to him:

“The cancerous tissue is acidic and the healthy tissue is alkaline. In the water are concentrated both H + ions and OH-ions. In the case of an excess of H + ions, the environment is acidic; If  is dominated by H- ions , the environment is alkaline. “

Maintaining the pH balance in the body is one of the most important tools for maintaining health!

In his work “tumor metabolism” Doctor of Medicine Varburg asserts that all carcinogenic forms meet two basic conditions: acidity of blood and hypoxia (lack of oxygen for cellular metabolism). Oxygen deficiency and acidosis are similar to the two sides of the coin: “If you have one, then you have the second.”

“If a healthy cell is deprived of its oxygen for 35%, it can become a cancer cell in just two days,” said Doctor of medicine Warburg. -“All healthy maximum need oxygen, but tumor cells can live without it. This rule is without exception. “

Dr. Warburg’s research proves that lack of oxygen is the main cause of cancer. The reduction of oxygen level means, thus, simultaneous increase of acidity of an organism.

Water is very important for the natural formation of oxygen in our body.

He found that tumor cells are anaerobic (they do not inhale oxygen) and can not survive in the presence of high concentrations of oxygen. These cells can survive only by using glucose and in an environment without oxygen. Therefore, the tumor is nothing but a protective mechanism used by our cells to survive in an acidic environment in which there is a lack of oxygen.

If you have increased acidity, your body automatically lacks oxygen; And if you do not have enough oxygen, then you have increased acidity. An acidic environment is an environment without sufficient oxygen.

Tumorous tissues are acidic, and healthy ones are alkaline.

Unhealthy acidity, or, conversely, useful alkalinity of the body is primarily the result of our nutrition.

As soon as the digestion process completes, the food in the body (according to the food profile) creates conditions for acidity or for the condition of the stomach. Simply put, the need for the body to be strong depends on what we basically eat.

Unfortunately, typical American food consists mainly of toxic acid-forming products, full processed sugar, peeled cereals and genetically modified organisms. This leads to an unhealthy excessive acidity of the body. The unbalanced pH value of your body can cause disruption of cell activity and its functions. In the future, this can lead to many serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis or heartburn.

If your body is in a state of high acidity for a long time, it can significantly accelerate its aging.

That is why maintaining the pH balance in the body is one of the most important tools for maintaining health.

Correct acid-alkaline balance (pH)

Cancer cannot live in alkaline and highly oxygen environments. Unfortunately, most of the foods that people eat have low oxygen levels and are strongly acidic. Meat produces strong acid in the body, it also contains phosphorus and sulfur, which in the metabolism in the body are transformed into phosphoric and sulfuric acid. The sweet carbonated drinks are also extremely acidic. In addition, fried products, refined sugar, refined flour, processed foods, alcohol, coffee, dairy products, inorganic fruits and vegetables grown with pesticides and herbicides, polluted air, make-up, some Oils, sunscreens and mortars, soaps and conditioners, perfumes and cologne, tap water, etc. – all this is sour; And when it enters the body, it contributes to the emergence of various forms of disease.

If you want to eat properly, provide your body with a regular supply of at least 60 alkaline products and especially avoid the products of industrial production, which are mainly acid-forming. This is, in particular, all carbonated drinks, sweets, as well as all fast food products. Never overdo it with salt. So use it wisely. When you are sick, make sure that you have at least 80 alkaline foods in your diet.

It is important to understand that our body has a natural acid-alkaline balance (pH). pH (hydrogen index) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the solution. It is measured from 0 to 14: The lower the Ph, the more acidic the solution, the higher the Ph, the higher the content of the probe in the nmм. When the solution is neither sour nor alkaline, that is – neutral, then pH equals 7. The organism is characterized by the correlation between acids and pikes, called Ph, which is a balance between positively charged (acid-forming) and negatively charged (choc-forming) ions. The body constantly strives to maintain the balance of the Ph environment. When this balance is broken, many problems may arise.

Most people with Ph imbalance suffer from high acidity. This condition causes the body to select minerals – including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium – from key organs and bones to neutralize the acid and safely remove it from the body. In connection with such efforts the organism can suffer from serious and long-term damage because of high acidity, and this condition can imperceptibly last for years.

Ph imbalance is the main and key factor in the occurrence of any form of disease. The perfect balance is slightly above neutral, somewhere between 7.2 – 7.4. With this balance, viruses and illnesses have little chance of surviving because the body’s immune system stops them.

Should the Ph of the blood and Ph of the tissue be distinguished?

Opponents of the theory of high acidity often call this theory meaningless. They argue that the increased acidity is just a invented myth.

Their main argument is that the acid-alkaline balance of the blood is constantly maintained in a very narrow range of values. If the Ph fluctuation starts in one direction or another, your body will immediately start the mechanisms of regulation.

They are absolutely right about that. But…

This statement is only about blood. What about the other components of the human body system? After all, all of them inherent completely different acidity. And if the blood Ph is really carefully maintained in a very narrow range of values, it does not mean that it is precisely also regulated by the Ph of the intercellular tissue, lymph or other organs.

It is known that the body of average person weighing 70 kg contains only about 5 liters of blood. What about the remaining 65 kg? For them too, your body instantly launches the mechanisms of pH regulation, as for blood?

Of course not.

If that were the case, why would it be, for example, to measure urine Ph? After all, according to their theory, he could also be kept in a very narrow range of values.

Therefore, if you come up with a similar argument regarding the absurdity of the assertion of the increased acidity of the body, you have a strong contradment for these people.

A violation of the acidic-alkaline balance in the body can cause disease, which we often call bad metabolism, or slow metabolism.

In terms of health, the alkaline Hydrogen index (pH) of the body’s biological fluids and cells is the most important.

For regular cleansing of the body and removal of slag adult person must drink and allocate urine about two liters of water a day.

Expert opinions:

All the so-called natural deaths are Nothing more than the last stage of acid saturation“, Doctor of Medicine George Washington krill (1864 – 1943), CLEVELAND, USA, surgeon.

“Countless names of diseases are not important-it is important that all these diseases have the same root cause: excess acidity in the body”,-Doctor of Medicine Theodore A. Badoudi, author of the book “Schöloch or Death”.


Acid-Forming Products:

  • Refined sugar and all its derivatives. This is the worst of all products because it contains no proteins, no fats, no vitamins or minerals, but only carbohydrates that are especially harmful to the pancreas. Its Ph is 2.1 (that is, very acidic).
  • Meat (almost all kinds).
  • Products of animal origin – milk, cheeses, sour cream, yogurts, etc.
  • Refined salt.
  • Refined flour and all its derivatives: pasta, cakes, biscuits and under.
  • Bread.
  • Margarine.
  • Caffeine.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco.
  • All industrial and canned products containing artificial chemical preservatives, dyes, flavors, stabilizers, etc.

Alkali-Forming Products:

  • Water. It is very important for the natural formation of oxygen in our body.
  • All raw vegetables. Some of them are very sour taste; But in the body they change radically and become alkaline.
  • Fruit. Lemon, for example, in the body achieves a very high degree of alkalinity (let you not mislead by its very sour taste).
  • Almonds.
  • Whole grains of cereals: the only alkali-forming cereal is millet. Unfortunately, all other cereals are slightly sour; But the ideal diet should also contain a certain percentage of acids, so it is good to eat a little cereal. All grains, however, must be thermally processed (i.e. cooked).
  • Natural Honey. It also has a very high beam.
  • Chlorophyll. Green, raw, not processed in any way plants contain absolutely natural high-alkaline natural chlorophyll.
  • Exercises. Proper alkalinity of the body also helps to maintain regular exercise and exercise, because the inhaled oxygen is additionally distributed throughout the body. Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle prematurely destroys any human body.